Stupid Idea of the Day (SIOTD): Backup flying balloons

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There’s no need to stress the importance of off-site backup. Perhaps one of the blockers for the wide implementation of that is the speed. But I think, that backup simply isn’t cool enough.
I propose: Backup by wireless equipped flying balloons!
The balloons will have routes going above houses. Computer software in those houses will determine the presence of the Wireless Flying back up device (“Look mommy, a balloon!”), connect to it, and send the data waiting to be backed up.
Similar to an old-school milkman bringing bottles door to door. Only it’s taking, and not bringing. And data, not milk. And roof to roof.

My current Internet upload speed is 128kbps. On 802.11g wireless connection the maximum speed is 54mbps – about 420 times faster. That means that the balloon will have to stay over my roof only 1/420 of the entire day to achieve the backup quota per day i currently have over the internet,. This is about 3 and half minutes! But of course, we can program the balloon stay as long as needed, or the get along to other friends if you’re wasting to much if it time.

Ok, i think i wasted enough of your time.

One last thing: Peer to Balloon to Peer file sharing!

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