Is perl the Feldenkrais method of programming languages?

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Well, Probably not.

I read in Ha’ir magazine a question asked by a reader: “Who taught David Ben Gurion, Israel’s first Prime minister, to stand on his head?.

The answer was, it was Moshe Feldenkrais, Creator of the Feldenkrais method. They also went on to quote him saying:

“We make the impossible possible, the difficult easy, and the easy elegant.”

That rang a bell for me. I googled a bit, and found out what the bell was rung:

“Perl is designed to make the easy jobs easy and the hard jobs possible.” – Larry Wall (see here)

Ok, much more humble from Wall. Maybe some arrogant new framework/language for cool kids can use Feldenkrais Slogan? I can see it fit very nicely in this list.

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