My C# and Mono talk at Alphageeks meetup

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Last Wednesday an AlphaGeeks technological meet up was arranged  by the honorable Yuval Goldstein. Yuval asked me to give a talk about C#, which was getting bash (unjustifiably!)  on previous events. I used the opportunity to throw inside some Mono project too, and get to know it a little bit myself.

So after sweating a lot on code example, and getting back to C# from recent work with Java and Python, I came up with my first presentation. So if you want to watch me lose my presentational virginity lost on video, have a look at at the talk video (In hebrew, courtesy of The Tech Vibe crew).

The slides are available too, but quite honestly they are pretty useless by themselves, as most of the stuff was code examples.

The code examples

CsharpTalk.Mono – demonstration of Delegates, Lambda Expressions, Extensions methods and some LINQ. This one uses Nunit for Mono, and Moq, so you might need to re-arrange the references to compile it, since i didn’t include the libraries. This one targeted Mono and the project was created in MonoDevelop, but should work fine in Visual Studio (again, you might need to change some references and arrange the libraries).

CSharp4Talk – demonstration of some of the new language features in C# 4.0: Dynamic objects, Optional and Keyworded  parameters and variance/contravariance (the last one still twists my brain). This one was created on Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2, but you might get it to work on mono 2.6, if you configure it before build with C# 4 profile (–with-profile4=yes). is referenced but not included.

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